Follow three steps to download password generator EZPD and make it ready to be used. After you have checked out trial or licensed version from the store, you will receive an order confirmation as well as download instructions for the program package, which can be used for future download. 

Step 1

Click this button to DOWNLOAD the trial or licensed version from our secure online store.

  • Run "getpcid" program to generate "sysinfo" text file, which includes a set of numbers unique to your computer. This allows the program to recognize your computer as an authorized computer, so that no one can generate your unique password on any un-authorized computers. 
    • When you run the “getpcid” program, you may see a message that says “unrecognized app” or “unidentified developer” on the screen. You may proceed to run the program. For details, see our FAQs page for information on dealing with these messages. 

    Step 2

    Once you have generated "sysinfo" file, submit device information to receive your license file.

    • Fill out the Excel form included in the program package. Import "sysinfo" file(s) into the form. 
    • Send an email to with file attachment. 

    If you need help on the Excel form, please email us to If you need more information on linking your licenses, please refer to our License Plans page of our FAQ. The number of trial licenses is limited to 3.  

    Step 3

    You will receive an email from within 1 business day with a link of your license file. Download the license file to your EZPD program folder, and you will be ready to generate passwords.

    • Save the email, so that you can repeatedly delete and download your license file at any time when you need to generate the password. 
      • Without the license file, no one can generate your password even in your computer! 

    * To learn more on how to generate a password with EZPD, please refer to “How to use ezpd" or YouTube video "How to use EZPD".